Dec. 20th, 2008 09:42 pm
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Also, this is the best thing I've found on the internet in a while:


For example:

            VISIBLE FILE
      O NOES
            INVISIBLE "ERROR!"

Today also included a snowball fight and rum-spiked hot chocolate. I approve.
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In a few days my paid account is going to expire, so I figured I'd get one last poll in. And the princess discussion on my last post got me thinking about fairy tales, which got me thinking about children's literature in general, which got me thinking about my childhood in general... and, well, it all spiraled out of control.

SO. That said, I give to you the best, most ridiculous poll ever! I couldn't possibly come up with all possible answers to half of these questions, though, so feel free to vote "other" and explain in the comments.

[Poll #1245008]


Dec. 2nd, 2007 11:27 pm
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Because apparently I'm not the only homesick one tonight, here's some videos that cheered me up:

Neuroscience meets Gilbert & Sullivan:


I wish I was that cool in high school:
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Along the lines of Rachel's post -

Kill, fuck or marry: Thomas Jefferson, John Adams, Benjamin Franklin.

Or, if you're feeling less modern: Julius Caesar, Napolean Bonaparte Jesus, Alexander the Great.

Answer, and suggest your own killfuckormarry's here.
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I have not read the book. I do not even have the book. I don't know when I'm going to, since tomorrow I'm moving from NoHo to Amherst and ever day after that will be filled with teaching, preparing lessons, working on the Infinite Monkeys Project and, if I'm lucky, eating and sleeping.

However, I like to feel involved in these things, so, feel free to post your reactions to the book here, provided you use only "!"s, "?"s, "#$%"s and emoticons. Or pictures of babies making faces.

For instance, this was my reaction to chapter three:

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skimisphat: I have this problem where I can add lots more content, or at least I feel like I am, and my page length stays the same

thoujiggingfool: maybe you're typing in smaller and smaller fonts, the more you type the smaller it gets so it never quite fills up the page.....

skimisphat: so the page mark is like an asymptote?

thoujiggingfool: dude, what if you had a handbag that got smaller and smaller and smaller on one side, but never quite disappeared?
thougjiggingfool: it'd be an AsympTote!

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Pillowfights can only lead to utter annihilation. Otherwise known as, why Orli and I should go to bed.

... )
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I had a long conversation with Val and Debi last night about my dreams and how they're amazing because they have a sense of internal consistency. And then last night I dreamed I was carrying around a giant toe. It was pretty big and pretty clean, and not that heavy. I remember nothing else.

My subconscious is somewhat contrary.

Yesterday's paper turned out to be eighteen pages. I completely used up my energy on it. I've got an exam in a few hours, and I... I just don't know how I'll ever pass it. My brain is still refusing to read words longer than ten letters. When I come across them, it just inserts a small picture of a smiling kitten.

For instance:

Although we know that in V1, the striate cortex, there are cells selective for different stimulus properties such as color, , and movement, we do not know how this is applied to form the percept of a , complex stimulus.

I wonder whether smiling kittens are acceptable answers for this exam.
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I have to say, the dumbest thing in baseball is the way that bullpens run onto the field during a brawl. This is because

a) they can't see anything, so they don't know what's happened or who's fault it is
b) by the time they get there, it's usually over
and c) it's not like anyone's afraid of the pitchers, anyway. ("Oh, god! Greg Maddux is coming for us! Run!")

Also: I don't know whether anyone else on my friendslist has opinions on the Gospel of Judas, but I figure I'd link for you all the two who did. Here. And here.
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My Smith professor today, discussing the visual system:

"Everyone thinks the eye is this delicate thing, but it's not. It's tough, like a basketball." Pause. "Can you imagine little gerbils playing basketball with your eye?"

I forgive you for the crayfish, sir.
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Consider me a missionary
for Debi's rhyming dictionary
its pages thick
its aid so quick
providing rhymes dithyrambic.

I'll use it 'til my thumbs are blebby!
Or 'til it must go back to Debi.
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Me: You can see everybody from this window... oh, look, it's Alex! He's got a giant package.
Skim: *smirks* Yeah, he does.
Me: No, look. An actual giant package.
Skim: ... oh.
Me: Wait, who's he waving to? Is that Vivek? It must be.
Skim: Maybe he's going to show Vivek his giant package.


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