Nov. 11th, 2009

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Last night was apparently the execution of John Muhammed, the adult half of the pair responsible for the DC sniper shootings.

Chrystal linked to the story, otherwise I wouldn't have known.

I was talking about this with someone else from the area recently, about how surreal it was to walk around outside then, how white vans freaked us out for months afterwards, even after we found out that they weren't using a white van at all. I remember because I was working at the local congresswoman's office when the first shootings happened right in Rockville, five minutes down the street. We kept getting calls from constituents and then one of the calls was my dad, telling me not to go outside and take the bus home, he would come and pick me up.

That was one hell of a year. 9/11, the anthrax attacks, the sniper shootings, and then Paul's death. A really crazy year.

I don't believe in the death penalty. That is mostly driven by feeling that it disproportionately punishes minorities, and that it frequently punishes the wrong people. But John Allen Muhammed is one of the people that is clearly guilty and probably "deserves to die". I still don't think he should have been executed. I don't think badly of those who think he should be executed. But the news that he's dead doesn't make me happy or satisfied or relieved. Just very sad.


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