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I went to two fantastic shows this weekend. I saw Great Lake Swimmers at the Brattle theater, which was wonderful - their music is great on a CD but they're one of those bands that is something else altogether in concert. Tony Dekker's voice is just achingly beautiful. It takes the catchy melodies and unique lyrics to a whole other level.

My two favorite songs, for those of you who've never had a chance to listen before, are Changing Colours and Everything Is Moving So Fast. I really like how he takes these natural phenomena - leaves falling in the first song, and glaciers in the second - and turns them into love songs. You really have to listen.

The other great show was Debi's labor of love, Di Gantse Velt Iz A Teater - the selection of scenes from Yiddish plays (performed in Yiddish!) which she and her cast and crew have been slaving over for the past months. It was wonderful to watch - really, really impressive. There's something about old plays. They seem in some ways to be so inaccessible, so different and foreign, but if done well you can slide past that, into a place where you're seeing familiar people telling a familiar tale, and what matters if it's a hundred and fifty years old and in a different language?

Anyway, good weekend. :)


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