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Along the lines of Rachel's post -

Kill, fuck or marry: Thomas Jefferson, John Adams, Benjamin Franklin.

Or, if you're feeling less modern: Julius Caesar, Napolean Bonaparte Jesus, Alexander the Great.

Answer, and suggest your own killfuckormarry's here.
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I try not to post too many memes, but this one's kind of awesome:

If you were president, what would your cabinet look like? (Choosing only people from your friendslist.)

Yeah, that's right. An LJ meme about the cabinet. )

Also, this website is awesome. Answer vocab questions and rice will be donated through an international aid agency for each one you get correct. It's studying for the GREs and Doing Good at the same time.
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I need to leave for my job soon, but I thought I'd leave you with a meme first.

The idea is you go to IMDB, look up your favorite movies and tv shows. Go to "keywords" and take the first five. Post them here, and let people guess what they are.

So here are mine. 15 of my favorite movies and tv shows. I originally had them separated out but the tv shows were so damn easy that I've mixed them in with the movies to make it harder.

Read more... )
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A meme I discovered, that actually sounds fun. Comment anonymously with each of the following things:

1. One secret.
2. One compliment.
3. One random thing.
4. Lyrics to a song.
5. How old you are.
6. How long we've been friends.

And I'll try to guess who you are. I think it might even be more fun without the how old you are/how long we've been friends because that'll narrow things down pretty quickly, but. :)

And then post this in your own journal, 'cause I want to do it for you.

Edited so that now you can actually post anonymous comments!

Edited again because I totally need 5 and 6, guys.
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I am just full of memes tonight!

So, I list the musicals I've seen (in some cases just the movie version), and you have to guess my favorite song from each. :) If I had a tie, I put (2) next to the name of the musical.

1. South Pacific (2) - Younger Than Springtime; This Nearly Was Mine
2. 1776 - But, Mr. Adams
3. Guys and Dolls - Sit Down, You're Rockin' The Boat!
4. Les Miserables - Stars
5. Fiddler On The Roof (2) - Sunrise, Sunset; To Life
6. Chicago - When You're Good To Mama
7. Carousel - If I Loved You
8. West Side Story - America
9. The Music Man - 'Til There Was You
10. Me and My Girl (2) - Me and My Girl; The Family Solicitor
11. The Sound of Music - Sixteen Going On Seventeen
12. Grease - There Are Worse Things I Could Do
13. Godspell - Day By Day

Edit: I assume everyone's done guessing. I'll fill out the rest of the answers now. Thanks to everyone who guessed, especially Bee for her valiant efforts.

Ten Quotes

Aug. 26th, 2004 12:23 pm
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Ten quotes to identify, gacked from [ profile] narcissam. I've taken roughly a paragraph from ten of my novels - see if you can guess which books these passages are coming from.

Give it a try. )


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