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Do you have any good biographies and/or books about interesting periods or events in history that you'd like to share with me?
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My only goals for the evening are to make apple cinnamon cupcakes and to take a shower. While this doesn't sound exciting, it totally is - I've gone out four or five nights in a row now, and the past few days at work have been incredibly draining. So tonight I'm going to stay curled up in my room, and it will be lovely.

My favorite thing about my room is my bookshelf. I got it for cheaps and I am filling it with used books. The question is, which used books to fill it with? Recommendations are appreciated... I'm especially looking for history-philosophy-sociology non-fiction, anything about comparative cultures/morals/governments, conflicts, group affiliation, the philosophy of government and law and justice and ethics. But really, feel free to recommend anything good (the science dorks on my friendslist get bonus points for recommending me good science books!).
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Made quite a few acquaintances today - they're not really friends yet - but spoiled that by going with Irina and her local friends to a nearby pool. They make so many annoying gay jokes. And of course, they're all making fun of gay men - any time there's a lesbian joke her fratty friends are like, "That's so hot!" *facepalm*

Honestly, Irina's a wonderful person, she's constantly asking me to do things with her and offering me food and asking about my family and my interests and stuff. But we're so different.

Anyway, just in case I do end up a hermit - and even if I don't - it's time for some book recs! What should I read this summer? Give me the one fiction and one non fiction books I absolutely have to read.
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There appears to be a whole family of rabbits living in my backyard. A baby one just hopped past my window, pausing to nibble at the shrubbery that grows along the fence. It was adorable, so brown you could barely distinguish it from the dirt of the ground. It's ears were twice the size of it's little baby head.

Yes, I am a girly girl. I squee over baby bunnies. Sue me.

I'm thinking of quitting this internship entirely. I'm just not enjoying it, and if I'm going to spend half my week not enjoying something, it might as well be for money. Target, here I come!

I finished As You Like It this afternoon, and I have to say, while it's better than some of Shakespeare's other plays, it's not as good as Macbeth and it doesn't hold a candle to Julius Caesar. Although all in all, I don't really like Shakespeare much at all.

So, I read As You Like It on [ profile] midhanaer's recommendation, and Rosencrantz and Guilderstern Are Dead on Hannah's, and the other day I completed Irving Stone's The Agony and the Ecstacy because my mother said I should. R&G was decent - it had some witty points and the idea/theme of the play was positively brilliant but on the whole it was rather pretentious and went on too much and I much prefer Stoppard's Arcadia to it. As for The A & The E, it was fantastic. I never got a feel for any of the characters but Michelangelo, but the author did a beautiful, beautiful job portraying him and his art.

Anyway, my point is, if anyone else has reccomendations, feel free to say so!


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